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Introgression of novel compatibility alleles may oppose selection against hybrid offspring to create complex dynamics in the evolution of gamete incompatibility in hybridizing populations.
The presence of the kdr mutation in the 'M' form in other parts of West Africa, have been attributed to recent introgression of the kdr mutation from the 'S' to the 'M' form (25-27).
For this reason, perhaps, morphological evidence of introgression was found in the Boje and San Fernando populations, where one and three plants, respectively, were observed with morphological characters similar to those presented by some of the landraces cultivated in the peninsula, such as large white flowers and large pods with equally large seeds.
Where there is potential for gene flow from the PNT into related species, detail the consequences of novel gene introgression into those species and resulting expression.
If at this point you're not beginning to suffer from metaphorical overload, certain questions may begin to pop out at you during ``House Arrest: An Introgression,'' Anna Deavere Smith's frenetic and thematically top-heavy yet thrillingly insightful new work in progress, which recently wrapped up a regrettably brief 11-performance run here.
In addition to the chromosomal rearrangements, patterns of introgression suggest that genic factors also contribute to reduced hybrid fertility or viability (Rieseberg et al.
If pollen choice is a polygenic trait, introgression could give rise to an entire spectrum of effective pollen pools.
Regardless of the location or season of production, growers can have full confidence in the Dow AgroSciences trait introgression and breeding process.
However, Contemporaneous genomic data from ancient europeans have attested major genetic upheavals in europe 5,000 years ago, With an introgression of 75% genetic ancestry from mobile groups from the eastern steppes appearing in central europe.
The genetic diversity of a crop provides a baseline to plant breeders to detect unique germplasm for the improvement of horticultural traits, introgression of disease resistance into elite cultivars and analysis of viability and purity of rootstocks which in turn can increase both quality and quantity of fruit production (Baig et al.
The accessions from those subclusters (II, III, IV, V and VI) showed a two-color pattern (red and green) in the bar plot (Figure 3), indicating introgression in the gene pool.