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Convergent evolution of Darwin's finches caused by introgressive hybridization and selection.
Evidence for broadscale introgressive hybridization between two redfish (genus Sebastes) in the North-west Atlantic: A rare marine example.
Avise (1994) suggested that divergence between genetic and phenotypic data may represent introgressive hybridization or recent divergence of pallid and shovelnose sturgeons.
One additional characteristic of Melanesian domestication is the intimate proximity of plantings of cultigen species to populations of wild relatives, which can be sources of `new' variability by introgressive hybridization.
We will use Next Generation Sequencing and a highly novel statistical pipeline to identify key loci and larger genomic islands that have resisted introgressive hybridization between our focal taxa.
This appears not to be an artifact of historical introgressive hybridization, as initial results from microsatellite genotyping (data not shown) indicate that Dionda from Independence Creek align with D.
Processes of isolation and introgressive interplay between Platanthera bifolia (L.
The process of introgressive hybridization (Anderson and Hubricht 1938), besides introducing new variation into the parental population, may reduce differences in advertising calls between Western and Clark's grebes.
If the small SOC050 alleles found in the more northern populations are not simply rare weakfish alleles shared in common with the other two Cynoscion species, they may indicate that introgressive hybridization is responsible for the migration of the smaller alleles into northern waters (although the northward movement of hybrid fish out of the contact zone cannot be excluded).
Although introgressive hybridization predominantly resulted in gene flow from domesticated to weedy and wild races (Langevin et al.
We also have to consider that the numbers of all-generation intermediates recorded in the field may be biased by their detection rate (Randler 2004) and, that by introgressive hybridization (Anderson and Hubricht 1938), they are absorbed into one of the parental species.