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Copulation "plugs" made by a hardening of seminal fluids in the female reproductive tract or by the tip of the male's intromittent organ breaking off, have been reported for several spider species Phidippus johnsoni Peckham & Peckham 1983 (Jackson 1980), Agelena limbata Thorell 1897 (Matsumoto 1993; Yoward & Oxford 1996; Schneider et al.
In widow spiders (Latrodectus), the tip of one or both of the male's intromittent organs (emboli) often breaks-off during copulation to be left inside the female's genitalia (Levi 1959; Bhatnagar & Rempel 1962; Wiehle 1967; Kaston 1970; Berendonck & Greven 2002; Segoli et al.
External female genitalia were examined, including shape and size of the epigynal guide pocket, intromittent orifices, spermathecae and spermathecal apophyses.