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The spermatozeugmata are presumable transferred into the female reproductive tract during copulation via one of the intromittent organs.
Examination of the tissue of the anal fin of black perch < 90 mm SL that had not yet developed intromittent organs revealed that tissue of the presumptive intromittent organ was present (Fig.
Females have paired copulatory ducts, each leading to a spermatheca, and males have paired intromittent organs (emboli).
9): hood of guide pocket curves slightly towards the posterior of epigynum; intromittent orifices close together and anterior to spermathecae, width of spermatheca approximately 2 X width of intromittent orifices, spermathecal apophyses visible at posterior of epigynum as small sclerotized, opposing "comma" shapes arched towards each other.
Female epigynum with central hood, intromittent orifices situated at both sides of hood, spermathecae usually small and tubular (Ono 1988).
11) which in Schizocosa is a small, free sclerite near the base of the intromittent portion of the embolus (IPE) (Figs.
Book lung covers and external epigyne of females separately sclerotized; intromittent pores surrounded by an epigynal sclerite.