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When he argues, for instance, that "The single trait which most often reveals the introspectiveness of her writing is her obsession with language" (203), he places the argument back within the realm of biography with his definition of introspectiveness: "Her imaginative world is possessed by a force of gravity that draws all things to a center at which she herself stands .
This induces a certain introspectiveness, especially among the social work contributors.
Bostridge, who's being hailed as England's purest interpreter of song cycles since Peter Pears, favors simplicity over rhetoric, imparting a sparkling robustness to pastoral reveries like Vaughan Williams' ``Linden Lea,'' a lyrical introspectiveness to ``Come Away Death'' (from Shakespeare's ``Twelfth Night'') and a wistful tenderness to Stanford's arrangement of ``My love's an Arbutus,'' giving this old Irish air the shapely beauty of the finest Renaissance sonnet.