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The personality pattern scales are labelled Introversive, Inhibited, Doleful, Submissive, Dramatizing, Egotistic, Unruly, Forceful, Conforming, Oppositional, Self-Demeaning, and Borderline Tendency.
In the piece, an obsessive and manic protagonist pursues a ghostly figure amid the ominous shadows of a deserted apartment house only to discover in the end that he has been pursuing his spiritual other, a hideous apparition that represents not what he might have been--a la Henry James and others--but what he may well degenerate into if he does not amend his perverse and intensely introversive ways.
45 The first implies the introversive escape from the world, from social realities and embodied experience to an idealized aestheticism (culminating in Symbolism) and, the other, an extroversive escape, a devotion to and inability to transcend physical existence (culminating in Naturalism).
As I gazed at this, I again voluntarily threw myself into introversive Reflections, & again produced the same Enlargement of Shapes & Distances and the same increase of vividness--but all seemed to be seen thro' a very thin glaceous mist--thro' an interposed Mass of Jelly of the most exquisite subtlety & transparency.
True enough, our culture registers introversive experience within art differently from the way we glimpse it flickering in the work of Bourgeois, Bacon, and Messerschmidt, but, seeing Clair's exhibition, we are not all that far from the enchanting mystery of Robert Gober, the uncanny cosmologies of Matthew Ritchie, the awfully bewitching identities that are Cindy Sherman's, the splendid savageness of Bruce Nauman, or the edgy mania of Carrol Dunham.