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It was validated either through its status as an end in itself or through the intuitional sentiments, affections, and customs of the perceiver.
Brouwer himself described the intuitional ground of mathematics in the following words:
In this enigmatic, "fuzzy" theism, which is intuitional, variable, and individualized, "God" adapts to the situation.
The project objective can be achieved by developing and implementing strong financing mechanism, solid intuitional, policy framework, extensive education and awareness campaign, introduction of standards and guidelines, enhancing and promote the local industry to local manufacturing.
This article attempts to respectfully shine a brief light on our sets of wicked problems and on those three important constituencies mentioned above and the ways in which their intentional changes can shape these problems for the future: (1) intuitional leadership supporting change, (2) educators changing teaching practices, and (3) designers understanding the pedagogical changes necessary to support 21st-century needs and their impact on space (Scott-Webber 2003, 2007).
In addition to his impact on philosophy of education, the idea of childhood as a blissful and carefree time to be preserved as long as possible, the model of a guardian carefully controlling all aspects of his charge's life while the charge believes himself to be free, and the privileging of the supposedly natural and intuitional over the institutional and traditional can all be found in Rousseau.
These grids' patterns of prominence do not denote temporal periodicity, and the research is more intuitional than empirical.
As the switch to SLCD displays works well in easing supply shortages of display panels, HTC will likely achieve overall smartphone shipment of more than 7 million units in the third quarter of this year, up nearly 30% from the second quarter, and sales revenue of over NT$75 billion, according to intuitional investors.
That which really balances and conserves the social and political world," he wrote, "is not so much legislation, police, treaties, and dread of punishment, as the latent eternal intuitional sense, in humanity, of fairness, manliness, decorum, etc.
These studies culminated in a 1893 essay, "La storia ridotta sotto il concetto generale dell'arte" ("History Subsumed under the General Concept of Art"), which, by explicating the relations between art and history, demonstrated that intuitional cognition of a particular object was requisite to both aesthetic expression and to historical knowledge.
Our knowledge of the world is therefore a structure made up of imperfect documentation of the senses, an intuitional interpretation of it by a perceptive mind and sense mind and supplementary filling up, correction, addition of supplementary knowledge and coordination by reason.
Arthur did not and would not have seen a "vision" of a material cup allegedly transported around the globe by supernatural agencies and validated by the testimony of supernatural visitation, because his visionary experiences were Tennyson's--inward, intuitional, literary, mythic, metaphorical, and inseparable from science and work in the world.