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At times it seemed impossible, either that I had ever lived a placid, peaceful life in a college town, or else that I had become a revolutionist inured to scenes of violence and death.
So inured to savagery has Bassett since become, that he chuckled again with the glee of the recollection.
He knew the risk that he ran, but Tarzan of the Apes, inured to the sight of suffering and death, shrank from neither, for he feared neither.
Instead of returning any answer to this sage advice, Jones was entirely attentive to what had happened to the boy, who received no other hurt than what had before befallen Partridge, and which his cloaths very easily bore, as they had been for many years inured to the like.
His ever-moving, vigilant eyes, watched the smallest change, with the composure of one too long inured to scenes of danger to be easily moved, and with an expression of cool determination which denoted the intention he actually harboured, of profiting by the smallest oversight on the part of the captors.
These wise and sober thoughts continued all the while the storm lasted, and indeed some time after; but the next day the wind was abated, and the sea calmer, and I began to be a little inured to it; however, I was very grave for all that day, being also a little sea-sick still; but towards night the weather cleared up, the wind was quite over, and a charming fine evening followed; the sun went down perfectly clear, and rose so the next morning; and having little or no wind, and a smooth sea, the sun shining upon it, the sight was, as I thought, the most delightful that ever I saw.
The difference was finally adjusted, by the man who had come out of the cabin knocking the other into it head first, and taking the helm into his own hands, without evincing the least discomposure himself, or causing any in his friend, who, being of a tolerably strong constitution and perfectly inured to such trifles, went to sleep as he was, with his heels upwards, and in a couple of minutes or so was snoring comfortably.
Rawalpindi -- A guard of an oil well was killed and another inured by assailants in the Jatli area Gujar Khan in Rawalpindi district.
According to a statement issued by Executive Council of the forum here Monday, all the inured APS students and their parents would participate the protest to express solidarity with the victims and people residing in border area of Siallot.
A team of 15 soldiers arrived at the scene to ensure security and a clash broke out between the two, leaving four soldiers inured.
LZB-9635 resultantly all the sixteen workers were inured.
He said women and children were among the inured who were rushed to the hospital after the blast, one of the wounded child is said to be in critical condition, he added.