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Apart from the fact that some military deployments are more visible and intense than others, the sheer number of commitments reflected in the tabulations of Holmes and Elder illustrates the inutility of drawing conclusions about the relationship between presidential use of force and historical achievement (Holmes and Elder 1989, 544).
Roger Pielke and Daniel Sarewitz impressively highlight the marginal inutility of the quest for ever more uncertainty-reducing research on climate change.
His "hair stood on end," reported the Bodie Standard, "as he expected any second to be reduced to a state of perfect inutility.
Tate was rather bored with politics, perhaps because he was primarily a poet who found the true usefulness of poetry "in its perfect inutility, a focus of repose for the well-driven intellect," whereas Trilling sees literature, since it is inescapably about morals, as having something to say to political and social life.
This would have the effect of reducing [the subsidy clause] of the SCM Agreement to "redundancy and inutility and cannot be the appropriate implication to draw from the stipulation as to what constitutes one of the enumerated forms of `financial contribution.
This is done by calculating the impact on earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) for an unanticipated inutility occurring successively in each year after the first year of asset operation.
Like the high modernists whose post-Kantian view of aesthetics is encapsulated in Auden's famous line, "poetry makes nothing happen," which Powers selects as one of his novel's epigraphs, Adie equates art with detached inutility.
Indeed, Ackerman has recognized that his own earlier work was too much focused on domestic events; a book co-authored with David Golove, on the other hand, argues that an important lesson of World War II was the inutility of the Treaty Clause as a constraint on foreign agreements, so that broad notions of "executive agreement," coupled with majority approval of both houses of Congress, in effect substituted for the far more onerous requirement of the Treaty Clause (shades of Texas annexation
Anarchists should be careful to make it plain that to them the use of the ballot is something more and worse than a trivial act of inutility.
According to Harlan, what Cohen was doing with his jacket was "asserting [a] position on the inutility or immorality of the draft.
What I've noticed increasingly is that as criticism of their inutility rises managers give themselves new titles in order to pretend that they're not actually managers at all, but "doers.