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A graph G order p is a 2-path invariant graph if, and only if, G [congruent to] [[bar].
These moments are invariant to translation, rotation and scaling and hence their name of invariant moments.
We know that the electric and magnetic fields are invariant under the following gauge transformations
Therefore, if characteristic polynomials of two [WD] matrix representing two KC's are same, their structural invariants (WD[SIGMA]) and (WDmax) will also be same and the two KC's will be isomorphic otherwise non isomorphic.
In addition we provide an algorithm for the construction of conditionally invariant solutions.
Studies in animal models have yielded clear evidence for the existence of antibody populations that are directed to relatively invariant determinants of the ectodomains of viral transmembrane proteins and are capable of substantially reducing, in some cases even preventing, clinical illness resulting from influenza virus infection.
To translate an invariant we use pred and assert paragraphs, the first ones are used for expressing the invariant as a logical formula.
As Hawkins notes, invariant representations can be viewed as a bug, as well as a feature, in human cognition; negative stereotyping and bigotry might have roots in such invariance.
i], and [gamma], the residuals and corresponding sums of squares are unique, that is, invariant to the solution of the normal equations.
The case with an unbounded non-selfadjoint operator as a main operator in a corresponding time invariant system has not been investigated sufficiently because of a number of essential difficulties usually related to unbounded operators (especially non-selfadjoint ones).
As we move through this ambient array, invariant ratios of illumination intensity presented in temporal sequence constitute a structure or texture in the form of deeply nested sets of invariant relations of illumination; these nested sets of invariant ratios of illumination are what are registered or picked up by the perceptual system.
Note that our shape representations are invariant to translation, rotation, and scaling.