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Railing, Reviling, and Invective tells us about the origins and development of this imagined community and the combative tradition it bequeathed to English culture.
3) Accordingly, I posit here that bodily invective in Epodes 8 and 12 functions metapoetically.
In strictly informative terms, chapters one to six do not offer new material that the classic studies on the subject of humanistic invective (like those by Remigio Sabbadini, Felice Vismara, Pier Giorgio Ricci, and Antonio Lanza) have not already covered, but their arrangement as a narrative helps the reader place the invective against a historical background.
I am sure, Mr Williams, this is because my letters are interesting, well researched and factual, whereas your letter was bad tempered, inarticulate and invective, which no one could understand.
The letters published on Wednesday were sheer invective and did nothing to advance the debate.
Mr Straw said: "It is a measure of how far we have come as a society in the last 10 years that we are now appalled by hatred and invective directed at people on the basis of their sexuality.
It is the eventful life story of the elephant bull Mayafudi (from the Afrikaans invective 'maaifoedie'--rascal).
Sure, the constant and indiscriminate invective that the right poured on Bill Clinton and that the left has poured on George W.
From a petulant, invective poem against bumblebees to enjoying and celebrating the pleasure of an anniversary to the haunting analogy between creating a house for wrens to nest in and trying to become pregnant, What Feeds Us paints sublimely with descriptive language, sometimes plain-spoken, sometimes obliquely surreptitious.
Given his over-flowing enthusiasm for the game, there was no chance Nixon would die wondering after being given such a late chance at the top level - and he has wasted no time getting stuck in, most notably when he launched his extraordinary invective at Michael Hussey who refused to walk after nicking behind at the Gabba on Friday.
The more anti-4x4 invective I read, the more I think it's a carefully orchestrated campaign by the green lobby.
For the past three-plus decades, journalists have uniformly felt obligated--as though ordered by some invisible Central Committee--to lard all of their "news" reports and editorials on Pinochet with demonizing epithets and invective.