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Hammond made his first tentative steps towards the troubadour tradition when he was 19, hitching over to Los Angeles, where he played the clubs and coffee houses, eventually returning to The Big Apple, inveigling himself on to the early 60s Greenwich Village Folk scene.
And although he succeeded in inveigling his way in to the very highest echelons of society he never quite mastered the impossible TRICK of avoiding being categorised as a dreaded 'parvenu'.
The odd phone call is not going to make the weeknights pass, so she's just going to have to knuckle down with the task at hand - finding people she likes and inveigling her way into their lives.
At first, Jessie exploits the older man's infatuation for her by inveigling him into shopping trips.
ON TRIPS to the Lake District, my nine-year-old son keeps inveigling me into mountaineering shops to look at, of all things, telescopic Norwegian walking sticks.