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A modest tale, inventively realised - Ben-Ryan Davies and Russell Richardson in Chip Shop Chips Picture: LUCAS SMITH
The frantic antic rules of 'toons are inventively applied as gags pile up a mile high.
For a quarter century, Pierre Bismuth has inventively corrupted Conceptualism's systems thinking with chance, worldliness, and wit--see Things I remember I've done, but don't remember why I did them, 1998, the collection of drawings, objects, films, and photographs he exhibited after he had finally forgotten the rationale behind them, or his series of scribbly abstractions derived from the movement of actresses' hands throughout a movie, "Following the right hand of," 2009-.
Such attempts by foreign nationals are being made inventively, in different ways, employing subtle means, the CBO said.
One critic said of tenor saxophonist, Don Weller: "He imitates nobody yet swings as hard and plays as soulfully, inventively and, if necessary, as devastatingly fast as any American icon could.
Director Todd Phillips' original 2009 movie used a good cast and a tiger in an inventively structured story to slowly reveal what happened during a night of frightful excess.
With solid critical support, this inventively minimalist indie, winner of a narrative feature prize at Austin, could carve out a narrow theatrical niche.
When a scowling, grabby ghost hogs her bed, toys, and breakfast, instead of reacting with hostility, young Charlotte calmly crafts inventively diplomatic responses that ultimately earn smiles and a new vocabulary word: "Yours
According to players' needs, Brothersoft inventively releases its professional Browser Games and seize the market because there has been no professional Browser Games website until now.
Szymanowski calls for a huge orchestra which he uses inventively.
You're grappling with vertigo and whiled away the night careening into armoires , falling inventively over fauteuils .
And then there are songs like the brooding "If I Had a Heart," "Bad Dreams" and the Latin-themed "Night of the Iguana"--all inventively original songs that find the 64-year-old Mitchell in fine voice, as does the remake of her 1970 iconic hit "Big Yellow Taxi.