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The merchant must also be able to show that it used the data properly when computing the cost complement, ending inventories (at retail) and retail LCM (or retail cost).
Material costs can be controlled and inventories slashed, contributing to lower costs.
Step 6: Customer inventories are continuously monitored and additional product shipped as needed (based on customer-specified maximum/minimum levels).
By comparing the chemical signatures detected and the reports from each Texas firm upstream of the monitor, Henry's team found that, with a few notable exceptions, industrial inventories appear very "inaccurate" in terms of location, composition, and emission rates.
Most CMMS packages have modules that keep track of spare-parts inventories and supplier histories.
The audit team assigned to observe inventories should be led by capable, experienced personnel who are familiar with the client and its operations; the greater the risk, the greater the experience needed.
Although the Forest Service and Wilderness Society based their inventories on the same definition of ecological old-growth and used similar high-tech geographic information systems for analysis and mapping, their estimates of old-growth differed significantly.
It is a method of determining an inflation index used in computing LIFO inventories with reference to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Producer Price Index (PPI) or Consumer Price Index (CPI), rather than internally generated indexes.
By sharing chemicals between departments and/or laboratory units, actual inventory is reduced, quality control improves, and the liability and disposal costs associated with the large standing inventories are reduced.
3 billion surge in inventories prevented a recorded decline in real GNP in he second quarter of 1990.
Used-vehicle dealers may apply the method to value the LIFO inventories of previously titled automobiles and light-duty trucks (i.