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Invert Robotics designs and develops robotic non-destructive testing (NDT) technologies used for the inspection of non-ferromagnetic surfaces in the food and beverage, dairy, aviation, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas industries.
With this pithy turn of phrase, poet Torquato Neto put forth two of the Brazilian movement's most provocative claims: first, that it provided an ideological alternative to defensive nationalisms, both Left and Right, in late-'60s Brazil; and second, that this alternative was constructed on an aesthetics of punning and resignification, a revaluing of words and positions, a flipping of public platforms into playgrounds that would invert the so-called predicament of Brazil's tropical malaise into a vibrant cultural legacy called Tropicalia.
a puzzle challenging Fermat's last theorem, to "Inverting a Triangle," which asks the reader to calculate the minimum number of coins that must be shifted to invert a triangle of 10 pennies.
Working off the stakes set by professional surveyors, the operator will dig to the proper depth or elevation for the invert of the manhole.
The RG60U-T comes with Enable and Inhibit terminals and the option to invert their functions.
Although some of the descriptive evidence is consistent with incentives to invert and benefits from inversion, this evidence is weak.
There, the challenge was to create a system that could invert loads of printed signatures (groups of pages printed as a unified unit).