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Drip Vase, 2011, an inverted image of a pair of vases that seem, in Chetrit's subtly surreal take, to be oozing from the ceiling, expands the form's possibilities still further.
The trick was this: on the screen showing him the right way up, he was actually upside down; whereas the upside down Carl was an inverted image of himself standing the right way up.
This inverted image comes through most clearly in those dioceses facing an interregnum, where they either have a bishop near retirement, are awaiting the appointment of a new bishop, or haven't yet gotten to know their newly installed bishop.
When light is controlled through a pinhole (or lens) as it enters a darkened chamber, an inverted image of what is outside appears on the opposite wall where it may be drawn on paper or captured by light-sensitive materials such as film.
In the prime task, participants were asked to mentally rotate an inverted image to upright and make a normal versus mirror judgment using a key response.