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2) But the advent of endoscopic techniques for both meticulous removal of tissue and subsequent direct observation of the nose and sinuses has enabled surgeons to switch to a closed endoscopic procedure to remove inverting papillomas.
Different options for treatment of inverting papilloma of the nose and paranasal sinuses: A report of 41 cases.
The clinical behavior of inverting papilloma of the nose and paranasal sinuses: Report of 112 cases and review of the literature.
Of the eight programmable regulators, four are also functionally configurable: Three PWM/PFM step-down (buck) converters, one configurable PWM/PFM step-up (boost) OR step-down (buck) converter, three configurable PWM/PFM step-up (boost) OR inverting (buck-boost) converters, and one low-dropout linear LDO regulator.
An integrated preamplifier at its input, which can be configured with external resistors for any gain greater than 2, allows both inverting and non-inverting topologies and thereby enables a dual polarity VGA.
Unlike traditional airbags that instantly inflate and then immediately deflate, these air bags are slower to inflate and remain inflated while the vehicle is inverting in an effort to prevent injury to the occupant's head.
The IXDN430 is configured as a non-inverting gate driver, and the IXDI430 is an inverting gate driver.
Both are optimized to drive the large volume mid-power range IGBTs and MOSFETs, with either an inverting (IXDI.