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We are concerned about this and I think it is very important that the Senate Committee on INEC investigates and gets to the root of the matter.
You say, 'Well, we have this separate body to investigate the investigators.
2+] channels in plasma membrane without involving other signal transduction pathway and thus could serve as a simple alternative tool to investigate the current premise.
Investigate and develop fiber tagging techniques (e.
The FBI is the principal investigative arm of the Justice Department and investigates more than 200 separate violations of federal law.
I found the society had failed to investigate a complaint fairly or thoroughly in half of the cases I examined.
In Cardano's Cosmos, Anthony Grafton investigates astrology as it was understood and practiced by a single individual.
The QCIC then investigates and analyzes the allegations of audit failure to determine the need for corrective measures by the member firm involved, or changes in or additional guidance on generally accepted auditing standards or generally accepted accounting principles.
Examiners, fully committed to their profession, can conduct sensitive and thorough examinations, which provide the tools for law enforcement agencies to investigate and arrest perpetrators.
In addition, a supervisor's failure to investigate or take action could implicate that supervisor in a subsequent charge of a serious nature.

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