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Abella said while the Ombudsman was expected to be the vanguard in the anticorruption campaign, it was 'not exempt from allegations of corruption which, the President said, need to be investigated.
Suspicious vehicle, Worcester Street, investigated.
2+] elevation in vascular smooth muscles, we investigated the effects of arsenic on intracellular [Ca.
torture scandal visits or transits through foreign territories, governments could take legal steps to ensure that such individuals are investigated and charged with applicable crimes.
The Maryland offices of the IRS did not return calls for comment on whether the charity was being investigated.
This office, which is an arm of the Department of Justice, is in charge of all federal criminal prosecutions investigated by a variety of agencies.
One result was the development of a naturalistic version of astrology in which planets, climate, meteorological events and the like were investigated without reference to celestial influences.
All will be investigated before and after logging and during regeneration; they will also be investigated periodically on the three control areas not slated for logging.
On reservations in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, Bureau of Indian Affairs officers investigated 2,456 felony cases in 1986 and the first half of 1987 but arrested only 181 suspects; that's a rate of 7.
In the present study, some organic compounds of the type "aldehyde, ketone-amine condensation products," namely benzophenone-aniline; benzophenone; and p-hydroxy benzophenone derivative with phenyl hydrazine; benzaldehyde and its p-methoxy derivatives with phenyl hydrazine, were synthesized and investigated in NR mixes as accelerators.
The IOM committee, part of the National Academy of Sciences,interviewed 31 present or former CDC researchers or collaborators, and investigated related documents.

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