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But he will never imagine that the proportions of night and day, or of both to the month, or of the month to the year, or of the stars to these and to one another, and any other things that are material and visible can also be eternal and subject to no deviation-- that would be absurd; and it is equally absurd to take so much pains in investigating their exact truth.
Once he had, in investigating an abandoned fire in the village of the blacks, picked up a live coal.
I just sent him down the road to investigate something--that I just thought worth investigating.
The same evening Turlington was at his office in Austin Friars, investigating the state of affairs, with his head clerk to help him.
Too long did my soul sit hungry at their table: not like them have I got the knack of investigating, as the knack of nut-cracking.
In investigating memory-beliefs, there are certain points which must be borne in mind.
Devoting myself once more to the elucidation of the impenetrable puzzle which my own position presented to me, I now tried to meet the difficulty by investigating it from a plainly practical point of view.
To feel myself completely at fault here, and to conclude, thereupon, that the incidents of the dinner might especially repay the trouble of investigating them, formed parts of the same mental process, in my case.
Mac, that you have not got the first idea what it is that you are investigating.
John Douglas of Birlstone Manor, then whose death have we been investigating for these two days, and where in the world have you sprung from now?
17 ( ANI ): The Supreme Court on Thursday directed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to investigate fourteen conversations that corporate lobbyist Nira Radia had with various people, and asked the investigating agency to submit its report on the matter to the court within two months.
Algerian Authorities Investigating Possible Israeli Spy Cell

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