investigating committee

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Panfilo Lacson, chair of the investigating committee, said he has discussed the matter with Pimentel.
Eliades faces two charges of perjury in connection with his testimony before a investigating committee that probed the collapse of the economy.
In the past two years, the General Investigating Committee has had no business before it, according to its current chairman, state Rep.
He added that the investigation process had been further delayed due to the escape of one of the key suspects from detention in May, which had forced the investigating committee to start new procedures.
Addressing both men, Sayyed said neither a sectarian immunity nor an international investigating committee shall be protecting them from being pursued.
A Church of Scotland investigating committee had recommended he be axed after probing complaints about five emails said to question the minister's judgment.
rule out the option of forming an official investigating committee on
The investigating committee from the Public Prosecutor's office also accused the journalist of failure to check the factual accuracy of the information before publishing it.
Rehman Malik, however, said that already a judicial commission and a high powered investigating committee under I.
All the doctors, nurses and allied staff involved with the treatment of the baby since he was brought to the Accident and Emergency Department on November 7 have been minutely questioned and an investigating committee has found no evidence that they had been negligent," a Health Ministry spokesman told the GDN yesterday.
The investigating committee, comprising MPs set up by the Commons Speaker, has decided to appeal against a decision by the Freedom of Information body that information regarding expenses claimed for second homes must be made available.
In fact, the NMC's investigating committee has referred the allegations to its conduct and competence committee, which has not yet heard the case.

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