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Still, the investigators say they're coming in contact with tougher characters while staking out illegal dump sites and cracking down on vendors selling pirated DVDs.
Dug up in 1969, these are the precious few clues investigators have in the case of Castaic Jane Doe.
interest in the Adelphia story, few recognized that the service comprised the only investigators involved in the case, which also resulted in lengthy prison sentences for Rigas's 49-year-old son, Timothy, Adelphia's CFO, and other top executives.
Because a key element of most successful interrogations is privacy, supervisors rarely get the opportunity to observe an investigator in action, inhibiting the ability of supervisory personnel to take corrective measures on ineffective or inappropriate techniques.
The K25 Award will support the career development of quantitatively trained investigators who make a commitment to basic or clinical biomedicine, bioengineering, bioimaging, or behavioral research that is relevant to the NIH mission.
We have investigators on call, and we always have a bag packed," says Drake, who keeps three packed bags: "'one at home, one in my car, and another in my office.
Investigators don't have to spend three hours probing, marking and determining where all the water is.
Yet, as far back as 2000, the ASGT policy noted, "An extreme case would be that of a clinical reagent, be it a small molecule, a protein or a gene transfer vector, that is manufactured by a company wholly or partly owned by the Principal Investigator conducting the trial The guiding principle is clear: Clinical investigators must be able to design and carry out clinical research studies in an objective and unbiased manner, free from conflicts caused by significant financial involvement with the commercial sponsors of the study.
They shave risk off the research protocol so that human subjects are as unexposed to risk as possible, given what the investigator is trying to find out (heart surgery trials usually involve high risk; smoking cessation trials should not).
In most research, an investigator will try to follow the research design: Following a research plan that has met all of the conditions described in the next section of this pamphlet -- conditions meant to ensure that any proposed clinical research has scientific merit and is fully attentive to participants' well-being -- takes precedence over "tailoring" treatments to a patient's unique needs.
Childbirth: RAND Corporation, Emmett Keeler, PhD, principal investigator.

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