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What is the particular point upon which I, as an original investigator, have challenged our lecturer's accuracy?
Taciturn as he was, the investigator succeeded at last in extracting a scrap of information from him, by dint of ordering beer and talking to him persistently and minutely on the subject of motor cars.
That," continued the investigator, "is where he was clever again.
That investigator, peering into the lighted room, had just seen the Colonel, after a pace or two, proceed to take his coat off.
Once more," commanded the inexorable investigator, and once more came--a trifle tremulously--the name of the dead man:
found, by the modern investigator with his optical instruments and
The investigator will encounter nothing less than a line of battle; there is no need of pickets, videttes, skirmishers, to give warning of our approach; our attacking lines will be visible, conspicuous, exposed to an artillery fire that will shave the ground the moment they break from cover, and for half the distance to a sheet of rifle bullets in which nothing can live.
For this was Valentin himself, the head of the Paris police and the most famous investigator of the world; and he was coming from Brussels to London to make the greatest arrest of the century.
Toomey, an insurance solicitor by birth and an investigator by profession, went inside to analyse the scream.
The skin of the beast of prey, the speckled skin, and the dishevelled locks of the investigator, the searcher, and the conqueror!
All the time his trained faculties of an excellent investigator, who scorns no chance of information, followed the self-satisfied, disjointed loquacity of the constable.
She frowned under it without animosity, in the manner of an investigator.