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In August 2015, the organizations filed an appeal to the MAG on behalf of the victims' families demanding access to the investigatory materials and a reopening of the probe; more than two years of unreasonable and unjustified delays ensued before Israeli authorities responded by releasing heavily redacted material.
The consultation of the draft revised rules, which is open for 6 weeks, asks for views on the changes to the rules which govern the Investigatory Powers Tribunal.
It said: "Each of these claimants was the victim of the unlawful use of investigatory powers.
Furthermore, the investigatory chamber will investigate a possible violation of article 16 (Confidentiality) of the FCE by Mr Kattner.
A senior judge will be involved in authorising the most intrusive powers and a new Investigatory Powers Commissioner will oversee the use by all public authorities of the powers in the Bill.
A spokesman for FIFA's ethics investigatory chamber said: "I can confirm that we intend to appeal.
We have announced we plan to appeal the 8-year bans against Platini and Blatter," investigatory panel spokesman Andreas Bantel told reporters in Zurich, where FIFA has its headquarters.
However, the way in which the investigatory chamber of the ethics committee has communicated on the current proceedings, demanded the maximum penalty and reinforced public prejudgment has reached a tendentious and dangerous dimension," he added.
In the course of the proceedings, both parties will be invited to submit positions including any evidence with regard to the final reports of the investigatory chamber and they may request a hearing.
An overhaul of the oversight |arrangements which will be headed by a new Investigatory Powers Commissioner, who will be a senior judge.
Under Weingarten Rights and when an investigatory interview occurs, the following rules apply:
Reports revealed that the investigatory chamber of UEFA's Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) has found City did not comply with FFP rules given their exceptional one billion-pound spending spree under the ownership of Sheikh Mansour.