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In fact, Samberg got that shorthand right away when Goor and Schur were courting him to star as Jake Peralta, the brilliant but inveterately goofy detective.
While his assertion to his law clerk suggested that he would almost inveterately follow the language of the Code, he nevertheless elevated considerations of coherence, consistency, practicality, and fairness when he found defects, anomalies, or inequities in the law.
Loeb, though a rich woman, seems inveterately middle class: "She might be behind a counter" (Carlyle's 14).
a space inveterately and omnivorously and indefatigably about the cultural work of distancing texts[,] .
Only a handful of the inveterately cruel celebrate over human rights violations.
The People's Party, and later the country as a whole, would pay a steep price for the Promoters' miscalculation--the original sin of Thailand's inveterately half-fledged democracy.
On the trip, Weber was inveterately curious about religion in the US and Scaff makes the interesting point that "the complex biography of the 'Protestant Ethic' thesis can be pursued further in Weber's habit of observing religious services and practices" (p.
Toward the end of Among the Truthers, Kay suggests that 9/11 "cemented the long process leading to Jews' full-fledged ascension into the American [he means conservative American] establishment" and that criticism of Israel has become a left-wing, conspiracism-tinged phenomenon that is more likely than not inveterately hostile to that nation.
Famous nineteenth-century Catholic liberals, including Lord Acton, inveterately thought of Taparelli as a retrograde zealot, without having read much, if any, of his writings.
Protestants who remain inveterately suspicious of Catholicism should not take this book as confirmation of that suspicion.
The committee compared slavery to the castes of India, "deeply and inveterately inwrought in the very texture of society," to the tyranny of "arbitrary government," and to polygamy.
But this enlightened attitude is wilfully discarded in the case of natives, who are imagined to be inveterately enlightened environmentalists, pacifists and (as discussed below) socialists.