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We do not suspect foul play until one of the invigilators noticed the other identical twin outside the examination hall.
Invigilators also need to ensure the security of the examination hall before, during and after the examination.
In a complete reversal of roles, students took on the role of exam invigilators, as parents sweated it out in the exam hall.
The majority of students will not need to use the toilet during an exam, but if they do, our experienced invigilator team will supervise closely, but sensitively, to ensure that no cheating takes place.
A spokesman for Seaton Burn College said: "Lewis Nainby was a volunteer football coach and exam invigilator on a casual basis.
The invigilator sitting beside you is assessing you, not attacking you.
Individual screens can only be viewed by the candidate and the exam invigilator, with the answers being submitted to a secure SQA area.
When he was sitting the CIMA Management Accounting Fundamentals (FMAF) examination, Datta was found by the exam invigilator to be in possession of unauthorised material--namely, his handwritten notes--in contravention of rule 10 of the institute's exam rules.
The editors promise to be fair and thorough, their evaluators will be anonymous lest a pulpit orator, spotting an invigilator in the congregation, might quickly dust off an effort that won praise in the past.
The invigilator requested the candidates not to use cellphones.
The affected students, who took part in Wednesday's protest, called for the chief invigilator, Lutfullah Sapi, to be put on trial.
College examination centre, the invigilator noticed Mukesh looking into his wristwatch every now and then and got suspicious.