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The invigilator became curious and asked him few questions; but not satisfied with answers he put them together for verification.
The Virtual Invigilation is highly customizable and will allow an invigilator to be easily setup through the invigilator interface with the criteria by which they are to be alerted to suspicious activity.
In a complete reversal of roles, students took on the role of exam invigilators, as parents sweated it out in the exam hall.
The functions to manage exams for students with additional needs, particularly being able to add information so the system can allocate an appropriate room and invigilator and add extra time, automatically, while scheduling the main exam sitting being able to set up quite subtle roles and suitabilities for invigilators, to make sure we get the right mix of people supervising each exam session.
This is the first time that invigilators from the British Council conducted the exam in the school, a TNG spokesperson said.
Each area was then scored by the group or individually to give invigilators a general overview of the standard of support and facilities.
It is reported that the two dalit girls, who had come to appear for their board examinations in Madhya Pradesh's Narsinghpur District, were allegedly stripped by female invigilators in front of 40 male students.
It was possible because the exam invigilators, none of them teachers, were not members of the striking unions.
It was possible because the exam invigilators were support staff who were not members of the striking unions.
Judge Melbourne Inman QC said: "You were employed for seven years at Aston University and rose to a position of trust as an examinations officer which involved responsibility for the provision of invigilators.
Over 11,000 invigilators will supervise exams at government and private schools.
not to mention the Trophy Hunters, Inquisitors, Invigilators or Investigators.