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Classic neutrals allow us to create timeless interior design schemes - but if you combine with a bolder colour such as blue the different shades and textures it adds will invigorate your room.
Champion Nutrition, a company that manufactures and markets a line of nutrition products to professional athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts worldwide, has included dipeptide ingredient, Sustamine, in its Invigorate sports drink, it was reported yesterday.
While the introduction of the AOLTV box will invigorate that sector, sales of Internet terminals are expected to surpass those of TV-based LAs in 2001," says Brian O'Rourke, Senior analyst with In-Stat's Multimedia Service.
Through bold handling of scale, light and colour, Denton Corker Marshall invigorate the daunting volume of Australia's largest exhibition centre.
Zesty greens such as lime also have connotations with vitality and will invigorate the room even further when teamed with these colours.
The imagery produced will sicken, amuse, and invigorate the reader, leaving mental tattoos that will never fade.
Computer models of ash columns spouting from a large forest fire show that the extra heat can invigorate storm clouds that pass over or form nearby, says Wang.
Two blocks from the ocean, the new Liberty Avenue site will be part of a cultural district destined to invigorate a still-dowdy neighborhood located beyond the art deco splendors of the heart of South Beach.
NATO'S enlargement to take in seven former communist countries from Eastern Europe will invigorate the alliance and strengthen its ability to fight ``global terrorists who hate freedom,'' President George Bush said last night.
These substances include phospholipids involved in cell-membrane functions, choline compounds thought to invigorate memory-related brain chemicals, and vitamins E and C, which may neutralize brain damage that occurs as people age.