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And some of these newly invigorated microbes will also convert ammonium into nitrate.
Stepping away from typical banking business has invigorated our relationship with the small business market," says Nelson.
Our vision is that XBoard is destined to change the water sports industry in the same manner in which snow boards invigorated the snow skiing industry--attracting active young adults who are looking for a more challenging water sports Xperience while on the lake, river, or ocean.
Virgin Electronics (formerly Virgin Pulse) opened its new Silicon Valley doors today with an invigorated focus on personal, portable, simple and connected digital products for consumers.
As fallen angels and emerging sovereign market debt are reaping the benefits of an invigorated global credit environment, formerly skittish investors are re-entering the high yield markets.
Sosa moved to the San Francisco Bay Area late in 1995 where he quickly invigorated the local Latin jazz scene with his explosive playing and adventurous writing.
The ACE tradition and legacy has been invigorated with new energy," said Marc Hochlerin, CTS, former President and CEO of ACE, now acting as a consultant for ICI.
AlloyRed is invigorated by our partnership with Max-Viz as we share a common philosophy in delivering cutting edge solutions to our customers," said Richard Rosen, CEO of AlloyRed.
We have not only created a successful business, but we invigorated the municipal bond industry, bringing real competition, greater transparency and improved and innovative analytics,' said Rizzo.
The coffee culture in Dubai will be greatly invigorated with Starbucks entry as the market leader in the country.
The existing vibrant and lively coffee culture in the city will be greatly invigorated by Starbucks unique coffee experience.
In her tenure as interim executive director of LAWA, Lydia has invigorated the employees of all four of our airports," said John J.