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16) Other religions may retain spiritual values that God can use to save those who are invincibly ignorant of the gospel.
The vast works, invincibly sinister even in decay, may become the very abomination of desolation - rusty furnaces, rotting railway trucks, overturned engines, rank weeds.
She continued: 'There should be no rush to war but we should be invincibly committed to backing the authority of the United Nations this time, and not backing off.
The more we know about the depressing conditions of Faulkner's life at the time, the more Old Ben starts to represent a coded effort on the invincibly anachronistic Faulkner's part--the same Faulkner who had written "I am the best in America, by God"--to lash out at the "little puny humans" who vainly "swarmed and hacked" at the edges of his work and property by either attacking his books or simply ignoring them.
Creator Robert Rodi (the novelist behind such titles as Kept Boy mid Fag Hag) says that Go-Go is "a gabby Italian party boy" and that he's "everything I wish I'd been when I was 20--utterly fearless, sexually adventurous, and invincibly happy.
When a penitent is invincibly ignorant in regard to some of these duties, the confessor should not instruct him unless he has good reason to think that his advice will be heeded, lest what was purely a material sin should become a formal sin.
Agee praises the film for representing "the Law as an invincibly corrupt and terrifying force before which mere victims, whether innocent or guilty, can only stand helpless and aghast" (580).
The trekboer economy was a semisubsistence way of life, adapted to an environment that appeared invincibly hostile to any form of economic progress.
In the coming months, three major motion pictures will be released based on the work of that invincibly difficult master of the English language.
In numerous instances, he is either ridiculously trivial, or invincibly obscure: his puerilities remind one of some of Dean Swift's badinage, who often indulged in the most wretched and contemptible puns.
The encyclical insists that the evil act that is done following an invincibly ignorant conscience or a non-culpable error of conscience remains an evil, and cannot contribute to the moral growth of the person.
The very record of suffering mankind," writes Jonas, "teaches us that the partisanship of inwardness for itself invincibly withstands the balancing of pains and pleasures and rebuffs our judging it by this standard.