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Somebody said that Miss Gilbert was expected at her brother's, and must be invited with the rest.
Now, if you were invited to hunt the bear in the mountains of Switzerland, what would you say?
I have seen you, and invited you without any ceremony, when you instantly answered that it would be impossible for you to accept, as you were going to Treport.
I have now reached the sunshine since, in the first place, I am living so close to you as almost to be with you (which is a great consolation to my mind), while, in the second place, a neighbour of mine named Rataziaev (the retired official who gives the literary parties) has today invited me to tea.
Not so Mesdames Pelet and Reuter; each mixed herself what I thought rather a stiff tumbler of punch, and placing it on a stand near the stove, they drew up their chairs to that convenience, and invited me to do the same.
Stuart now invited the chief and another, who appeared to be his lieutenant, into the hut, but made signs that no one else was to enter.
I hear your ball was magnificent; and I understand you invited Mrs.
When Sunday came, the captain invited me to conduct the religious services, but, not being a minister, I declined.
What I recall vividly is a key-hole view, to which another member of the family invited me.
Yes; he was one of those who helped Dorothy to destroy the Wicked Witch of the West, and the Winkies were so grateful that they invited him to become their ruler, -- just as the people of the Emerald City invited the Scarecrow to rule them.
You really can't blame her when you think of the tremendous Andrews connection who had to be invited.
The big game had arrived, and it looked as if he were being invited to sit in and take a hand.