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That was when some podgy red-sealed blue-crossed letter arrived from Vailima, inviting me to journey thither.
Harmon's motive for inviting me was to let me see Jane's surpassing gorgeousness.
People who in former years habitually called upon me and invited me--or who, in the event of my absence, habitually wrote to me at this season--have abstained with a remarkable unanimity from calling, inviting, or writing now.
When speaking of uninviting objects, I mean those which do not pass from one sensation to the opposite; inviting objects are those which do; in this latter case the sense coming upon the object, whether at a distance or near, gives no more vivid idea of anything in particular than of its opposite.
He gave us, without our inviting him, his personal views on the subject of the tragedy,--views which, as well as I could make out, were not far from those held by Frederic Larzan.
But she was still young and incapable of hiding her feelings; and by inviting her papa and sister to her third-rate parties, and behaving very coldly to them when they came, and by avoiding Russell Square, and indiscreetly begging her father to quit that odious vulgar place, she did more harm than all Frederick's diplomacy could repair, and perilled her chance of her inheritance like a giddy heedless creature as she was.
Junius Ponds @ Welsh Conservatives attack Labour AMs on Health Committee for voting against inviting Cynon Valley MP to give evidence on concerns over Welsh NHS Are the Tories playing politics over Labours predictable refusal to invite Ann Clwyd to expose the deep crisis in the Welsh NHS.
Summary: Future MP Bahia Hariri said she would set a trend of inviting patriotic and moderate figures to meetings of the Sidon School Network, after inviting Shiite scholar Hani Fahs to a board meeting Monday, the National News Agency reported.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Muslim League-Zia (PML-Z) chief Ijaz-ul-Haq on Monday said the PML-N leadership damaged their own cause by not inviting him to the All Parties Conference (APC).
Washington, August 1 ( ANI ): Google after inviting more than 6,000 people to buy and try its controversial wearable computing device Google Glass in its Explorer program has reportedly allowed some of the owners to invite their friends to become part of the program.
1 One thousand pregnant clients of an antenatal clinic in Khayelitsha township were given a written letter for their male partner, inviting him to participate in a couple-oriented antenatal care visit the following week, as well as either voluntary HIV counseling and testing or a general pregnancy information session.
Krishnamani, lodging his protest against secretary Pareena Swarup being selective in inviting politicians.