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Here, the Seventh Circuit held that the statement, in context, was a "taunt" or "provocation" as much as an invocation of rights.
The purposeful invocation of Black Speak resonates a "truth" by conveying a recognition of the history of subjugation and enslavement and a celebration of a self-directed present and future.
Hatch's invocation of Ted Nugent attests, such efforts have for the most part failed spectacularly.
Finding that the facts established only that Shea's spouse had little involvement in his business affairs and that he underreported the business's income, the court held that the Service failed to establish a factual basis to justify its invocation of Sec.
Holst: Beni Mora; Somerset Rhapsody; Hammersmith; Egdon Heath; Invocation for Cello and Orchestra Tim Hugh, cello/Royal Scottish National Orch/David Lloyd-Jones (Naxos 8.
His framework is his greatest originality: He harnesses a shrewd analysis of how policy goes wrong to a radical, principled invocation of the democratic renewal it would take to right things.
com/reports/c61536) has announced the addition of Computer Science Reconsidered: The Invocation Model of Process Expression to their offering.
city council rescinded its invocation invitation to a Wiccan priest in response to local outcry.
By selecting the invitees, the officials were determining the general nature and sectarian content of the invocation.
The city council wants an invocation as a way to set their intention to work for the greater good," she told the Huntsville Times.
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and its Director of the Houston National Cemetery, Arleen Ocasio, from preventing Pastor Scott Rainey from praying in Jesus' name during his invocation at a Memorial Day ceremony sponsored by the National Cemetery Council for Greater Houston (a private, non-profit association).
In particular, they recommended that an EU constitution should contain an invocation to God.