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An itemized statement or written account of goods sent to a purchaser or consignee by a vendor that indicates the quantity and price of each piece of merchandise shipped.

A consular invoice is one used in foreign trade. It is signed by the consul of the nation to which the merchandise is shipped. Such an invoice facilitates the entry through the destination country, since the quality and value of the shipment are verified prior to its arrival.


(Bill), noun account, account rendered, note, reckoning, statement, statement of account, statement of obligations, statement particularizing debts due, tab


(Itemized list), noun account of goods shipped, account of merchandise, bill of lading, check list, enumeration, inventory, itemized account, libellus, list of goods, list of items, list of items shipped, list of mercantile goods, merchandise specification, schedule, schedule of items and their respective prices
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INVOICE, commerce. An account of goods or merchandise sent by merchants to their correspondents at home or abroad, in which the marks of each package, with other particulars, are set forth. Marsh. Ins. 408; Dane's Ab. Index, h. t. An invoice ought to contain a detailed statement, which should indicate the nature, quantity, quality, and price of the things sold, deposited, &c. 1 Pardess. Dr. Com. n. 248. Vide Bill of Lading; and 2 Wash. C. C. R. 113; Id. 155.

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If they have been successfully matched against a PO and approval is not required, the invoice can be sent straight to payment.
Many SMEs are facing serious cash flow problems as some of their customers elect to manage their own working capital by extending invoice payment dates," said Edmund Truell, Tungsten Group CEO.
Furthermore, network services like the Basware Portal provide a secure, easy to use e-invoice channel designed for companies who have no capabilities or invoice processing systems to receive e- invoices.
Direct Insite's Invoices On- Line (IOL) suite simplifies AP and AR processes such as: electronic invoice distribution and submission; purchase order submission, distribution and acknowledgement, invoice processing and validation, line-item matching, approval routing, invoice consolidation, dispute management,e- payment processing, and reporting and analysis.
Cost savings of 90 percent on the accounts payable (AP) side, as manually-processed invoices cost on average $30 per invoice to process, while fully-automated invoices cost on average only $3.
If all orders are fulfilled correctly and billed accurately, the customer has no good reason to delay or short-pay an invoice, and disputes should be prevented.
One variation on the FFT does permit you to send an invoice at the conclusion of the trial, because it takes the "forced" element out of it.
The current paper-based invoice certification process has the potential to cause frustration and inefficiency all round.
He also noted that some SJR invoices weren't folded and wondered whether that meant they hadn't even been mailed.
Non-Value-Added Activities Eliminated -- Mail opening, data entry, filing of invoices, voucher payment preparation, follow-up of uninvoiced receipts (lost invoices), mail float, cycle time, microfilming, cost of matching invoice to receipt, and the cost of mailing are eliminated.
According to Rob Richardson, Credit Director at Corken Steel, "Simply put, Invoice Central makes a whole lot of sense.