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Table 1 Classification of corneal degenerations Involutional Non-involutional Corneal arcus Band keratopathy Farinata Salzmann's nodular degeneration Furrow degeneration Spheroidal degeneration Crocodile Shagreen Terrien's marginal degeneration Table 2 Local and systemic causes of band keratopathy Local Systemic Chronic uveitis Hyperparathyroidism Intraocular silicone oil Renal failure Interstitial keratitis Excessive vitamin D intake Topical medications (phosphate containing) Sarcoidosis Juvenile dopathic arthritis Milk-alkali syndrome with uveitis Phthisis bulbi Hypophosphatasia
An indicator of involutional collaboration is the emergence of a thirdness in between the collaborators.
In winter season calvers, involutional changes took place at a faster pace than in the summer season (Table 4), and there were more abnormal involutional changes in the summer season calvers (Table 4), which may be attributed to a larger number of RFM cases, possibly due to sanitary and hygiene problems, environmental stress and other unknown causes during this season.
Most injection-site reactions show involutional lipoatrophy or a foreign-body reaction.
Gender, age, and diagnosis: The rise and fall of involutional melancholia in American psychiatry, 1900-1980.
A decline in testicular function occurs normally with the aging process, matched by involutional changes in the testicular parenchyma, including hypospermatogenesis, peritubular fibrosis, and hyalinization of tubules commonly resulting in a pattern resembling that of mixed primary testicular pathology.