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Moreover, interventions generated through consultation should be based on intervention goals that are mutually defined by the consultant and consultees, should be linguistically and culturally sensitive, should involve the parent, and should have a multi-systemic focus.
Also included here is active stretching, which involves continuous muscle activity to exceed the static ROM encountered during normal full range activities.
The most cited cases involve violations of the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act and environmental statutes.
Another kind of issue, though potentially relating to qualitative evaluation, involves children's agency, the extent that children can participate in determining the frameworks within which they live.
38) When state laws mandate reporting of statutory rape, research that involves sexually active minors may unfairly burden certain individuals or groups.
Positive assertiveness always involves the use of the scientific process of decision making.
Although surgery that involves fusion (union) of vertebrae may be skillfully performed, tissue swelling after surgery may place pressure on the spinal cord.
About 20 percent of the people who involve themselves with a business project are general stakeholders interested in basic project information.
A sense of urgency may involve an awareness of multifaceted dynamics found in almost all organizations and their interconnectivity with the global environment.
The exercise needs to be instigated by the foundry president and involve all senior management officials.
They are socialized into a new medical culture, one that may involve somewhat different knowledge, beliefs, values, and attitudes than the culture of their childhood.