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Iota, like Set and Qwirkle, is a descendant of the many attribute domino and matrix-pattern games that were popular during the era of New Maths, using sets of plastic attribute blocks, where each block was a particular shape (circle, square, oblong, or triangle), a particular colour (red, blue or yellow), a particular size (big or small), and a particular thickness (thick or thin).
Pairing: The IOTA Lite bulb pairs over Bluetooth 4.
Today, Gamma Iota Sigma has 53 chapters across the United States and Canada.
Andrew Elphick, CEO of IOTA NanoSolutions, commented, "ContraSol™ is highly innovative and offers many possibilities within the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and related industries.
For James Bain and others in Florida who were wrongly convicted, Florida's IOTA program has meant freedom.
Iota notched a thumping four-length success in the Group 1 Preis der Diana (German Oaks) in June, a performance that encouraged trainer Peter Schiergen to bid for a race in which he saddled Guadalupe to finish second in 2002.
Iota skateboards, Fobia, Indy, Spitfire, Swiss, Shorty's and Black Magic.
She is a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, the Tulsa Piano Study Club and the Hyechka Music Club.
He is also the Social Action chairman of the Omega Iota Iota Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; Inc.
Woodgate's laboratory recently discovered and purified polymerase iota (pol [Iota], one of a superfamily of DNA polymerases that synthesize short stretches of DNA and are relatively inaccurate--that is, they may allow the A, C, G, or T base moieties to be matched to an incorrect mate (for instance, matching G with T or A, rather than with its proper mate, C).
Alpha Alpha Iota (Liberty University) [Alpha Alpha Iota]
The planet lies an average of 137 million kilometers from its parent, the sunlike star iota Horologii.