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It began with a kinless boy turned loose in Texas, and went on fantastically through a hundred changes and chops of life, the scenes shifting from State after Western State, from cities that sprang up in a month and in a season utterly withered away, to wild ventures in wilder camps that are now laborious, paved municipalities.
Robin told me shortly he was sorry he had put himself about, turned his back upon me without a sign of salutation, and as he went towards the door, I could hear him telling Duncan that I was "only some kinless loon that didn't know his own father.
2 Noli fieri iracundus, quia iracundia ducit ad homicidium (14), nec appetens eris malitiae nec animosus, de his enim omnibus irae nascuntur.
Invidus, iracundus, iners, vinosus, amator, nemo adeo ferus est, ut non mitescere possit si modo culturae patientem commodet aurem.
entomelas (Jordan and Gilbert) entomelas (Cramer) hopkinsi (Eigenmann and Beeson) macdonaldi ovale (Ayres) ovalis rufum (Eigenmann and Eigenmann) rufus (Jordan and Starks) flammeus (Jordan and Starks) iracundus (Jordan and Snyder) scythropus (Wakiya) baramenuke paucispinosus Matsubara (alutus) Chen varispinis Chen peduncularis (Beebe and Tee-Van) cortezi (Gilbert) sinensis Quast variegatus Lea and Fitch rufinanus (Gilbert) diploproa (Starks) emphaeus prorigerum (Jordan and Gilbert) proriger (Gilbert) saxicola (Gilbert) semicinctus (Gilbert) wilsoni (Gilbert) zacentrus dallii (Eigenmann and Beeson) dalli auriculata Girard auriculatus Hilgendorf glaucus (Gilbert) aurora (Jordan) crameri deani Starks (?
O emprego do mais-que-perfeito no lugar do imperfeito--uso que ja se encontra na epoca classica--provem, entretanto, de uma tendencia a terminar os periodos por certa clausula ritmica: fuerat iracundus da um cursus velox.