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Tulkinghorn being heard to return with some irascibility, "Let 'em come in then
Under these conditions which make for irascibility in a sound, normal man, this meeting was specially unwelcome to Chief Inspector Heat.
My goal, one of them, is to sort through that, whereas Kath exists in that heightened state of ire and irascibility at all times.
The River City actress has perfected the irascibility of the role but she also displays a gentleness in places, bringing better light and shade to the character than Paul ever did.
Simone was herself like a thunderstorm, and did not apologize for her irascibility.
If the madman theory were a useful guide to statecraft, then past world leaders with a well-deserved reputation for unpredictability, impulsiveness, irascibility, violence, and bizarre behavior should have beensuccessful at getting what they want".
Gibson notes the various contributions of Thom, especially as to local legislation, but also gives a thorough account of how his "arrogance, irascibility, HBC partisanship, and francophobia" (p.
That really is too bad because Sparrow's droll orneriness and irascibility are the main reasons why the 'Pirates' franchise became a long-running hit, in the first place.
Unable to slough guilt for having decreed the death of a blameless Jesus, Pilate turns his bristling irascibility on the Jews whose city he administers and whose customs he is colonially obliged to accommodate: "Why, he had washed / At the wrong time--or had not washed, which was it?
Neither did the famous British diplomat Duff Cooper who, like Waugh, was prone to outbursts of uncontrolled rudeness and irascibility.
Wales's irascibility is understandable, given that most of the characters he encounters see him as an enemy or a prize, and he responds to their advances by isolating himself, both with his gun and his temperament.
Sensation--the patient displays hyperesthesia with high intensity irritability and irascibility.