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Not one conversation with Sviazhsky, though he had said a great deal that was clever, had interested Levin; but the conclusions of the irascible landowner required consideration.
It is clear that the irascible miller was a man to interpret any chance-shot that grazed him as an attempt on his own life, and was liable to entanglements in this puzzling world, which, due consideration had to his own infallibility, required the hypothesis of a very active diabolical agency to explain them.
Kit might have returned some answer which would not have been agreeable to his irascible questioner, if the boy from the wharf, who had been skulking about the room in search of anything that might have been left about by accident, had not happened to cry,
The 79-year-old played Meldrew, the irascible pensioner at war with middle-class suburbia, for five series from 1990 to 1995 and returned for a final series in 2000.
Wilson played Meldrew, the irascible pensioner at war with middle class suburbia, for five series from 1990-1995 and returned for a final series in 2000.
Film director Jay Bulger catches up with the irascible instrumentalist at his ranch in South Africa, to talk drums, drugs and everything in-between.
The play, which is set in a retirement home and features two irascible inmates, was written about 30 years ago and has a small cast of just six actors.
Her violations of heavenly custom get her sent back to Earth, in the body of the irascible writer and horror movie director "Scary Mary".
Like most teenagers, Kelsea is irascible and insecure.
As for Ford, his irascible old coot routine is so over the top it disappears into the ether.
Part film history and part biography, this work explores the friendship, feuds, binges, and creativity between irascible film director John Ford and his actors, the charismatic John Wayne and the flamboyant Ward Bond.
The Fall @ The Globe, Cardiff (May 22) | THERE'S no polite way to say this, but the irascible Mark E Smith - who's been the only constant feature in the ever-changing Fall line-up over the last 32 years - has a mush like a psychotic Toby jug.