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Herein, we evaluated our first 25 consecutive IRE patients with unresectable pancreatic carcinoma without metastatic disease.
IRE traded in a number of business areas, all of which involved a subcontracted telesales operation to cold call members of the public, selling alternative investments in a variety of projects.
59% of IRE reporters meet their sources in person instead of
Do you take advantage of opportunities to extend classroom dialogue in situations that may stem from IRE patterns of communication?
It's really interesting how passionate our members have become about the issue of relocation," said IRE Executive Director Rosemary Armao.
Irreversible electroporation uses needles and image guidance similar to existing thermal ablation technologies, but instead of "cooking" or "freezing" the targeted tissue, IRE disrupts the cell membrane, thereby destroying the targeted cells.
4 million budget," IRE officials said in their announcement.
IRE and the National Institute for Computer Assisted Reporting (NICAR), both of which have partnered with the School of Journalism, requested bids from more than 20 schools late last year with the idea of relocation in mind.
We currently expect to begin marketing a product utilizing the IRE technology by the middle of calendar 2008.
Copying cost is 10 [cents] a page, plus postage and handling; non-members of IRE are charged a ten-dollar research fee.
SafeNet (Nasdaq: SFNT), formerly IRE, delivers the most widely deployed Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology for secure business communications over the Internet.
4 THE MIDNIGHT CLUB (IRE) Trainer: Willie Mullins IRE SENT off favourite for last year's race and finished fifth.