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Captains Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell acted like the irksomely cheery bloke who turns up at every barbecue you go to, while Sam Torrance cracked the good old "see you then" gag when Barry McGuigan, having been asked if he wanted a home question or an away one, said "I'll go home".
Her parents, on the other hand, have other ideas, signing her up to be a counselor at an irksomely precious, insanely politically correct children's camp, the OK-to-Cry-Corral.
With its swooping camera and over-the-top characters, "Romeo" plays much like a live-action masala pic, complete with musical numbers; but its thin story, which becomes irksomely repetitive after the first half-hour, makes most recent masala movies look like high literature.
But if they continue to float around the house like a pair of irksomely happy Barbie dolls, offering nothing by way of intellectual input or cullinary output, they are surely skating on very thin ice.
The Reader's editing, it must be said, is at times irksomely clumsy.
A pamphlet of inspirational verse, so that I can comfort others in an irksomely superficial fashion in times of woe.
Such declarations, as it happens, are infinitely preferable to the musical admonitions that follow near the end, of which the most irksomely catchy goes, "You have not yet paid for your crime/but now, but now it's time.
The kids, in just one of ``Get Real's'' irksomely precious storytelling devices, all chime in on voice-over narration, even addressing the camera to drive home a particularly cute point; they finish one another's sentences and even saunter into one another's fantasy sequences.
Although the verse is often pedestrian or worse, and the role can he irksomely obtrusive, we come to welcome Gower's attentions as the play grinds on.