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If you did, you would rapidly be apprehended and returned, amid fierce reprimands, to your tour bus or to the special hotel on an island in the Taedong River, where outsiders are comfortably but irksomely confined when they are not on supervised expeditions.
Freed from the irksomely fogging comparisons my brain uncontrollably insisted on drawing with Murakami's source novel, it was easier to immerse myself deeper into Tran's irresistibly seductive universe, becoming one with the characters and savoring the fleeting beauty of the transcending imagery.
Because of the inexplicable and irksomely overblown emnity between England and Australia, the English sporting public has never given Ponting the recognition he merits for a career that continues to confirm him as an all-time great.
As a boy, I'd always found it to be an irksomely slow game - too slow for my impatient temperament at the time.
Brendan Fraser fails to act his age in an irksomely quirky comedy.
And his nudes are often irksomely positioned--their legs are often crossed or bent.