iron grip

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On either side the seamen whom Sir Nigel had chosen for the purpose had cast their anchors over the side of the galleys, so that the three vessels, locked in an iron grip, lurched heavily forward upon the swell.
Ere the pirate chief could repeat it, however, John's iron grip fell upon his wrist, and he found that for once he was in the hands of a stronger man than himself.
The wine was strong and the gourd capacious, so he also began to sing after a fashion, and soon I had the delight of feeling the iron grip of his goblin legs unclasp, and with one vigorous effort I threw him to the ground, from which he never moved again.
Everything that was interesting in Rebecca, and every evidence of power, capability, or talent afterwards displayed by her, Miranda ascribed to the brick house training, and this gave her a feeling of honest pride, the pride of a master workman who has built success out of the most unpromising material; but never, to the very end, even when the waning of her bodily strength relaxed her iron grip and weakened her power of repression, never once did she show that pride or make a single demonstration of affection.
Still grasping the trembling child in his iron grip he stood facing the lady in waiting, his back against the door.
Now a wrist-bone snapped in his iron grip, now a shoulder was wrenched from its socket as he forced a victim's arm backward and upward.
The lady shook Nicholas by the hand as she addressed him in these terms; he saw it was a large one, but had not expected quite such an iron grip as that with which she honoured him.
It was strange there, in the very depths of the town, with ten miles of man's handiwork on every side of us, to feel the iron grip of Nature, and to be conscious that to the huge elemental forces all London was no more than the molehills that dot the fields.
It appears that Western leaders only react as they guess that the Western media will present the facts to their own population, like Goodies and Baddies in a cowboy film, all to establish the iron grip of media magnates over the minds of millions.
No further play was possible, but Somerset had claimed an iron grip on the contest.
Corruption was endemic under long-time leader Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who was driven from power in 2011 and whose close circle, especially his wife's family, had an iron grip on the economy.
01 just yet but Chris Froome could be that sort of price on Betfair before too long after a dream opening week which saw him take an iron grip on the Tour.