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In tissue, only ferritin iron is known to increase R2 in a field-dependent manner and the FDRI measure is a specific measure of this tissue iron pool.
Posttranscriptional regulation occurs by means of an interaction between IRPs, proteins that sense changes in the chelatable intracellular iron pool, and iron-responsive elements located on untranslated regions of transferrin receptor mRNA and ferritin mRNA (12-14).
These nine articles detail research into the effects of such toxins on certain species or locales, with topics including oxidative stress as a component of transition metal toxicity to fish, pharmaceuticals and their effects on humans and aquatic life, microbial and chemical assays that determine the origin of fecal pollution and the presence of waterborne pathogens, effects of pesticides on aquatic organisms, heavy metals in marine sponges, fine scale spatial and temporal variations in the structure and function of aquatic microbial communities, a micronucleus test for aquatic toxicology, colonization of water systems in urban environments of northern Germany by Legionella SPP and Pseudomonas SPP, and ferrinin and labile iron pools in limpets.