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Indeed, unnatural amounts of rotting organic material and an enormous distribution of toxic chemicals (including heavy metals), along with the almost complete disruption of natural and man-made drainage systems in most areas, meant that some of the places were simply irreclaimable for the following ninety years--and for how many more years in the future we can only guess.
They can get more parts out of what used to be irreclaimable remnants that they sold for a fraction of their worth.
Different moments affect people differently--this is still an irreclaimable, fleeting moment that cannot necessarily be repeated, just as cinephiles cannot go back in time, except in memory.
For example, more than 30 percent of the land area of Burkina Faso, Burundi, Lesotho, Rwanda, and South Africa is degraded to the extent that biotic functions of the land are considered irreclaimable.
According to the programme, the Government has already written off pounds 74m wrongly paid out and now irreclaimable.
The Scotch law,' he continued, 'administered almost entirely by professional men, and on fixed principles, has long been based on the principle of transporting persons only who were deemed irreclaimable in this country'.
Even the most casual observer is not indifferent to the cuckoo, and he usually obeys the time-honoured injunction to turn his money over when the familiar cry of that irreclaimable usurper of birdrights.
Because of Aroclor 1254 contamination in one of our rotoevaporators, 15 of the 30 whole blood samples were irreclaimable for PCB quantitation.