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HMRC had previously ruled that normally any VAT incurred by bookmakers on these costs was solely for the benefit of the "over the counter" exempt betting activity and therefore irrecoverable.
It's hard to find so very rare it is,/A valuable, costly precious boon,/It may surpass a man's capacities,/Is irrecoverable like a finished tune,/This offering so wondrous and sublime/I offer to your dearest one--my TIME.
2 billion yen it owes to another Sanyo Electric subsidiary may become irrecoverable, the electronics appliance maker said.
Presiding Judge Toshihiko Sonohara said Yoshizawa has a ''heavy criminal responsibility for causing an irrecoverable consequence of depriving the victim of his life, knowing the danger as a professional driver.
It has been asserted by many writers that mules never die, but the evidence of four credible witnesses can be adduced in proof of this particular mule's utter and irrecoverable deadness.
Catastrophic disability is triggered by an event that prevents the insured from performing two or more activities of daily living, causes cognitive impairment or an irrecoverable disability.
But, when 18 other levies were included, such as national insurance contributions, local business rates and irrecoverable VAT, this sum doubled to 18bn [pounds sterling].
The report also said that some of Rover's tax liabilities may prove to be irrecoverable, and there is likely to be a large call on the Pension Protection Fund to cover part of the shortfall in Rover's pension scheme.
htm, which enables companies to analyse the number of people affected by a given amount of downtime and calculates labour costs, lost productivity and any irrecoverable business.
If informed clients want irrecoverable physical destruction, they may dismiss drills, which can still leave readable data, and degaussing, which can put drives in a whirlpool ranging from too-weak-to-wipe to so-strong-it's-ruined.
It warns the bodies of victims "may be irrecoverable, badly disrupted or scattered over more than one jurisdiction".
Abstracted, embellished, pure, the green-shaded wood-land, blue-toned pool, and ocher-tinted leaves offered viewers a different kind of fairyland--not the irrecoverable chic of art-rock performance in 1977, but a time-less vision of hushed and perfect nature.