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Elsaesser writes that older "cinephiles were always ready to give in to the anxiety of possible loss, to mourn the once sensuous-sensory plentitude of the celluloid image, and to insist on the irrecoverably fleeting nature of a film's experience" (27-28).
The barrister said by the time the alleged six-year fraud was finally exposed in 2002 vast sums had been irrecoverably lost by lenders.
Many courts presented with complaints of such harassment seemed to become confused and irrecoverably distracted from the usual sexual harassment analysis under Title VII if either the alleged perpetrator or the alleged target of the harassment was identified as not heterosexual.
This was mainly due to costs associated with cleaning up computers or replacing machines that were irrecoverably affected.
40) Based upon belief, the statement irrecoverably troubles the distinction between supernatural and natural experience, not least because the being described by "supernatural" poetry resembles the poet who, in Wordsworth's account, as in Coleridge's, is defined as a man (speaking to men).
The trip has been a failure, as Italy has been transformed irrecoverably, just as Hemingway has been.
For always there is that in our beginnings which was underived from an end and which is irrecoverably lost in our end.
The beauty of Nuland's book is the way, at once passionate and sober, it presents the commonplace tragedy of the irrecoverably lost and the incurably wounded.
17) In the changed geopolitical landscape, this relative simplicity was irrecoverably lost.
Already resented by much of his youthful staff for recently replacing the beloved, nurturing Michael Kelly (who, having gone on to the Washington Post and Atlantic Monthly, died while covering the invasion of Iraq earlier this year), the recently appointed Lane had to uncover the extent of the popular Glass' fraud before his venerable magazine's reputation was irrecoverably damaged.
Every one of those keen moments has left its trace, and lives in us still, but such traces have blent themselves irrecoverably with the firmer texture of our youth and manhood.
If it is found that students are irrecoverably forgetting words in the prolonged interval between exposures, then two options remain: