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So yes, "Friday the 13th" is still irredeemably stupid.
Both the British and US governments fear that if a major brand crashes sales will cease, possibly irredeemably, reducing tax revenues and increasing social outlays.
Because psychopaths are presumed to be irredeemably dangerous and untreatable, courts increasingly lean on psychological assessments to guide decisions about whether to confine offenders for indeterminate periods or even to execute them.
He so nails a role that could have been irredeemably creepy--the guy is a predatory pedophile, after all--that it'd be criminal if his agents aren't plotting a stealth campaign for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination.
Only now he is skipping over major sections of his life, fast-forwarding to the day he finally becomes a partner only to return home to a family irredeemably estranged from dad.
The faith-based groups often elicit skepticism from mainstream American feminism because it has long operated from a strongly secular outlook and has been influenced by the view that all religions are inherently patriarchal, and therefore irredeemably anti-women.
The Japanese urban landscape is typically an irredeemably messy visual potage of utility poles and wires.
This sturdy tale typically pitches a political naif's fateful interest in the machinery of reform against the backdrop of irredeemably fallen, endlessly seductive relations of power in the nation's capital.
If that's the case, other states' futures look like this: increasingly diverse, inexorably growing, relentlessly fractious, irredeemably broke, arguably ungovernable, and highly entertaining.
Had brighter minds been in charge, the ill-fated and irredeemably stupid dalliance in Formula 1 never would have happened.
Its more extreme manifestation sees the West as utterly diseased and irredeemably corrupt, a deadly global pestilence.