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12) While these examples exhibit a typical Anglican reticence about the likelihood of infallible and irreformable teaching, (13) this has been augmented in some of the statements of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC), which developed a nuanced theology of indefectibility and infallibility.
The church's teaching on the Eucharist is one of those infallible, irreformable dogmas whose history reveals a constant witness to a truth at the very heart of the Roman Catholic faith.
With regard to normative texts, Catholicism acknowledges in normative creedal statements "an absolute and irreformable point of reference due to their apostolic origin" (no.
Ultimately, an infallible statement is believed through divine faith, and one accepts a papal statement as irreformable only so long as one remains convinced that the church preserves the apostolic tradition through its sacramental life and organizational structures.
This teaching is to be held as definitive and irreformable (March 1, 1997, emphasis in original text).
There is no irreformable theological teaching preventing a return to ecclesial democracy; ultramontanism is not a revealed truth.
Therefore, such definitions of the Roman pontiff are of themselves, and not by the consent of the church, irreformable.
The object taught in this paragraph is constituted by all those doctrines of divine and catholic faith which the Church proposes as divinely and formally revealed and, as such, as irreformable.
As a reminder to the Anglican community of just how deep the disorder goes, the Vatican, in the commentary to Ad tuendam fidem, (In defence of the faith), of June 30, published therefore just a few weeks before the Lambeth Conference, reiterated that Pope Leo XIII's apostolic letter of 1896, Apostolicae Curae (on Anglican orders), is now definite teaching related to Revelation, and therefore to be accepted on faith by all Catholics as irreformable and permanent.
It is irreformable and therefore should be abolished.
63) One can hardly be surprised that the question has been raised whether this recent development would not introduce another way of attributing infallibility to the ordinary magisterium of the pope if, as it seems, it would mean that, without solemnly defining a doctrine, he could render it irreformable by declaring that it has been taught infallibly by the ordinary universal magisterium.
The canons issued by the ecumenical councils are formally irreformable.