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Apart from providing a high degree of irrefutability, authentication also needs to be flexible, cost-effective and convenient.
60) For Strauss, the mutual irrefutability of philosophy and religion means that the "cognitive status" of both is identical.
South Africa and, in particular, post-apartheid South Africa seeps into Costello, Bethlehem argues, in the "generalised nostalgia for the irrefutability of the body" as this is evident in the discourse of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) (p.
Equally important are petites batteries, eloquence and precision of footwork, and the irrefutability of the fifth position.
It has more the pithy irrefutability of Paul Jennings' "Man erith; woman morpeth":
The latter doesn't necessarily follow, however, because there could be criteria, short of complete irrefutability, that might be applied to the evaluation of scientific formulations.