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We'll have to embrace change or risk irrelevance," said Joint Chiefs chairman Gen.
The FA Cup must evolve, rather than continue its gradual slide towards irrelevance.
But he's a reason why the whole Honours system is such a creepy irrelevance, nowt but a selfrewarding Establishment pleased with itself.
I am relieved because today marks the return of the WTO from the darkness of multilateral irrelevance into the light of multilateral action and success," he said in a statement.
I know the days have gone when you could name teams from one to 11 while the occupants of the boardroom were an irrelevance to the fans.
There are those of us - the few who have any real interest in the irrelevance and colossal waste the creation of these posts entails - who would question the desirability of anyone who had served as a chief constable returning as the police commissioner supervising his former colleagues, but that is another matter.
t It's the last thing they need and that's not to belittle the human suffering 'Four defeats a row, goals conceded and only scored, is irrelevance.
He warned that the FA would become an irrelevance if the power shift was not reversed - and that a new generation of fans is being priced out of attending matches by greedy clubs.
Yet in Italy, where politics is an irrelevance, they have some of the best universities in Europe, they produce some of the best cars, best designs, they have the best transport (trains, buses, ferry) services, the best food, the best hotels, the best service sector, resorts free from tat, they nurture and respect their historical past (without claiming to be green).
Our physical presence is to this earth an irrelevance so our souls must be required elsewhere.
The Lib-Dems seemed destined to repeat the consequences of a previous Liberal dalliance of coalition/ national government with the Tories - a select few retain government power with the main party becoming an emasculated irrelevance.
Irrespective of design irrelevance, Temenos would still be a superb piece of art and an asset to the area.